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About Expressive Arts & Healing at ArtAccess

ArtAccess originated in 2007, after I left a 25-year career in social work to avoid burnout and to follow my passion for the arts. On this creative journey, I discovered my love for teaching and the potential of intuitive painting, writing and collaging for healing and true expression from within.

Expressing myself intuitively through paper, paints and photographs connected my hands, heart and soul, and it inspired me to follow my authentic inner voice at each moment of a collage or mixed media painting. Surrendering mindfully to this creative process became the direct source of meaning in my art as well as in my life.

So, I never really retired, only my inner critic and the perfectionist in me did. I had so much fun learning and sharing about my creative healing practices and journey, that I felt rejuvenated and returned to social work as a counsellor in mental health a few years ago. To fully live my life purpose and integrate my passion for expression and service, I recently opened my own private counselling practice where at times I can marry art and therapy:

At ArtAccess, I have facilitated art workshops in various media for over 400 participants and the feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive. People of all walks of life each learn about their creative process with many different mediums, including acrylics, faux wax, plaster and their own photo transfers. They love creating with textures, collaging, mark-making and painting on small and big surfaces, both abstract and more representational. Through unique creative exercises, they learn to embrace the present moment and the exciting power of the intuitive process where every painting or art project becomes an adventure and journey into the Self.