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Customer Testimonials

"Susanne, I truly enjoyed the intuitive painting experience. You created a safe place to let go and have the freedom to play with paint without judgement of the outcome. Your guidance through the individual process and the intermittent journaling offered some personal insight for me. Thank you for helping me to get out of my head for awhile and revisit that inner place of wisdom."

- Myrna


Since taking your workshop I have been quite successful with my artwork and have sold a couple of pieces in local art galleries and shows. I am in the process of organizing some new work to send away for two shows in Vancouver."

- Vicky


“As a newbie to this world of painting, your workshop has allowed me to entertain the notion of doing more with paint and paper. The exercises with the poetry and music opened up other areas of creativity as well, and my spirit soared. Inspiring and opening. Thank you!“

- Joan